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Women not trusting women

Hey girl! If you really know me you know that if I can’t do anything else I can talk. I don’t just talk about anything though. I talk about the things that stir, move, anger and shake me. Injustice, Humanity’s challenges and social economic conditions are a few of them.

Over the years I have had some real conversations with women who are courageous enough to speak their minds and allow me to speak mine until we could break through to our hearts where magic happens.

For those who have searched for such courage and walked away in silence or after a shouting match to nowhere, lack of trust is usually blamed. Women are often heard saying “I can’t trust other women or very few women”.

I’ve lived out that experience enough to collect plenty of packages as evidence. With every disappointment I received a package. I stacked them high as I recited the myth of not being able to trust women. Once I decided I was done getting duped, I opened one of the packages then another. They all contained the same lesson.

Trust is based on judgement and judgement is subjective. Anything subjective is guaranteed to eventually cause heartburn between two humans.

And with that lesson came my solution.

Learn what my judgments were around trust and why they were important to me then practice them until I completely trusted myself. Sounds simple but it ain’t. I’m sure if I asked many of you if you trust yourself you’d say yes but I would quickly be able to prove differently.

Women who trust themselves show up in a room fully and openly. Why? Because she trusts herself enough to know that there is no one and no thing that can possibly touch her worth, value or esteem. She walks in whole and sure as hell walks out whole. This she can TRUST because she trusts herself.

Why does this stir me? Because the earth is crying out for women who can walk into boardrooms, entrepreneurship, court systems, schools, governments and homes in their full feminine energy with their heart leading the way. Femininity moves mountains and changes the weather. It shows up in a room with solutions wrapped in questions born out of compassion and stubbornness.

If you find that you are not making the impact in this world that you are called to because you’re waiting to find those you trust to work with - OPEN THE PACKAGE NOW! We need you. Open the package, receive the lesson and use it to heal yourself first and then the world around you. If you won’t, who will? You better open those packages and get to work girl!

Your good girlfriend & sister-girl who will always keep the conversation going,


P.S - If you have a topic you’d be interested in discussing let me know cause I’m ready to talk!

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