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While the woman is silent the female speaks

I saw a slogan that said "The future is female" and below it was a lot of "hell yeah's"' "that's right" "it's time" "about time" and the list goes on - all cheering the coming of the feminine.

I don't claim to have heard every female voice however much of what I have heard has been the regurgitation of books, seminars, studies and on the job training. The rehashing rewording reworking of that which was uttered by another.

Today I call out for the Woman to break her silence. The woman who with her own inner workings to bring forth from her own bowels. May she speak something that we haven't heard before, yes it may have a ring to it but it's definitely her offspring. It's unique. And with it comes - solutions through her compassion, inventions through her mercy, order through her wisdom, peace through her grace and unity through her love.

Woman is who we Be. Feminine is how we Do. Don't forget to BE!

Your Soul Sister,


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