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The truth suffers violence

The truth suffers violence and the violent take it by force.

Having mastered the skill of turning my beliefs into my laws I've also had to master the skills of the Outlaw. Turns out there's a lot of well documented real life discoverable provable truth that can be known, found inside of you and in unadulterated history.

Belief is just a way of pointing you towards what you do not yet know or understand. It's up to you to search it out, question it relentlessly and collect the knowledge it produces. Turning your beliefs into truth is convenient but it can create hell on earth for not only you but those around you.

My hand is raised. I've been guilty of turning a blind eye to what I see, hear or experience by focusing on beliefs that allow what I see, hear or experience to be more palatable. To keep belief in place requires indoctrination, to answer its call to seek out truth requires the true definition of education.

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