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The propaganda of light

The concept of Light has been evolving like a cancer cell in the body of our Oneness. Masking the destruction that it leaves in its wake with smiles and pleasantries. We are at an all-time high of the propaganda of positivity and light. Used to soothe the agitation brought on by the outward reflections of darkness.

It is hard to tell the difference between light and dark when one slides into the other. It is then when we realize that they are one and only vary by degrees. But this truth is hard to work with. We live in one or the other end of the pole by polarizing what we can and in doing so furthering that which we say we no longer want.

This shows up in every aspect of our lives inwardly and outwardly. We more readily recognize it outwardly in divisions and injustice. When we see it acted out in white supremacy or male dominance. It plays out in religion where one is taught that their belief is The Light in a world of darkness.

We hide in the light. It is in the light that we hope to stay in so that no one sees the parts of us that we don't approve of or understand. The parts of us that shock us or bring us shame. We use it like a suit of armor and it feels good. We block out all darkness with it and are addicted to the high it brings. The term "don't be so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good" may have been created just for this state of being.

So what's wrong with wanting to be light, in the light and positive all the time? Nothing except that it creates a life filled with half-truth disconnected from that which makes it useful. Even in the Christian bible light was created out of darkness not the other way around. Every advancement of our nation has come when those who lived in a world of focusing on their virtue, economic development, family wholesomeness and all things deemed "light" were literally forced to acknowledge the darkness that their light was created out of.

The darkness - that part of us that we don't understand nor do we understand it's purpose. Out of ignorance we look at it as a place to dump anything that doesn't look good in the "light" and we demonize anyone who would dare go there as negative or less than. Light and darkness are the same only varying in degree. And now it appears that even this is used to segregate humans. Justifying how we separate ourselves as the superior race of "light workers" who find it beneath us to live in a world with those who look to us darker than ourselves.

The propaganda of light is only harmful when it excludes the totality of itself which includes darkness.

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