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Terrorists in White

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Has the taste of educational achievement, manicured lawns, social status, financial gain and integration of a white god story caused us to forget our ancestors.

Have we forgotten what they told us about terrorism and what it is to be the victims of mass killing. Have we forgotten their account of what they witnessed and experienced - trading it for the story that the terrorist's children would tell of their ancestors.

Turning a blind eye to the evidence that the psyche did not get buried with the bodies long gone. Pretending that we do not have the ability to identify, understand, neutralize and heal the vile hatred that we have been the focus of for centuries?

Why do we choose to pretend that it is not the same thing, that it's something different? Meanwhile it spreads, wreaks havoc and strikes fear in the hearts of this nation.

We have been accused of playing the race card for pointing out injustice and bias causing the intended outcome of silencing many.

Here's my card y'all.

This is not just an American problem this is a White man's problem and you who are of that lineage need to handle it. We are getting sick of coddling you with conversations on gun control and mental illness. Figure this shit out because these white men have aborted a lot of lives this year alone. We're willing to help but first it has to be acknowledged.

The end.

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