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Struggle Love

When I consider the term "struggle love" as it relates to relationships I am reminded of one thing:

Just like the Universe I expand in all directions, my growth is not linear.

As my capacity to love more expands so does my capacity to hold a grudge if my love is missed or abused. As my capacity for acceptance expands so does my capacity to cut you off if you use it to do me wrong. As my capacity for forgiveness expands so does my capacity to make you aware of every time you've transgressed against me.

So the "struggle" in loving has little to do with my ability to love and everything to do with the constant challenge of using my experience, intuition and knowledge to know what part of my capacity to show up in every moment.

Knowing that you expand in all directions and capacity turns your experience, intuition and knowledge into wisdom and your awareness of it into humility.

Living in the linear idea of good - evil, right - wrong, positive - negative based in opinion formed from the indoctrinated opinion of others often causes women to struggle with love itself. The real struggle then becomes the struggle of accepting that the very thing you judge you also have the capacity to become. It is normal to fight against it through condemnation and punishment of the one who's actions made us have to become aware of it.

The "struggle" is real and there is no real living or loving without it.

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