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Spiritual bankruptcy

A good girlfriend of mine sent me an article written by Dr. Hyman entitled "Are You Spiritually Bankrupt". This article stirred me and challenged me to check in with myself on a few topics.

Religion - What vehicle have I chosen to keep me centered and consistently deepening my relationship with myself in order to strengthen my Spirit. Is my choice still relevant or is there a better choice for me that would help me go deeper into the fields of my inner landscape where great treasure has been buried?

Connection - How easily do I connect to myself. Am I able to find that roaring laughter that comes from my belly easily. Can I quickly connect to my joy when I see life in its many forms. Can I engage the fire within and speak up about what I care about and what moves me.

Rest - When no one is around to speak to me how do I speak to myself. Do I invite myself to rest even when my body is busy. Do I remind myself that I am enough and worthy even if I don't get that one thing done. Do I abuse myself with "should" "should've" "shouldn't" or am I a restful place for myself.

Health - Am I doing the best that I know to do now and consistently learning to do better. Am I working with myself vs against myself. Am taking a 360 degree whole life approach.

One statement from the article sums it up well:

Our connection to our truth and our values keeps us grounded in integrity; it helps us stay aware of who we are at the core level, understanding our own individual purpose and how to be present amidst the distractions of life.

The best thing you can do for this world is what I call practicing the art of selfishness and it starts with checking in with questions like those above. We (the World) is crying out for those who are grounded in integrity to stand up, speak up, and lead. We all have the capacity. We're all called.

I invite you to take time today and every day to check in with yourself and make any adjustments, new choices or reaffirmations needed for where you are now. Removing the distractions of all things not authentic to you allows us to see you better and we want to see YOU.

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