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Soothe your Self

Have you ever just wanted to rest? I'm talking about the "my soul is tired, mind drained, emotions numb, body exhausted" kind of needed rest. The type of rest that requires an atmosphere that allows for every part of you to put down your armor, weapons and guards.

While reading through my journal, I found an entry from years ago that reflected that need for rest and desire for final rest. It read as follows:

I am tired, worn out and burned out on religion and religious morality of convenience. In the Christian bible's book of Matthew I am told that the very thing that it took away and prevented me from having, I can recover. The very yoke of it caused me to despise the very thing that I thought I needed, and become frustrated at not finding what I desperately wanted - Freedom! And here I find a simple truth and am given the invitation along with directions to that Freedom, with a promise not to lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on me. In the face of religion it seems too good to be true. Freedom and unforced living has always called my name.

I have come back home to you. Now I must make a habit of spending quality time with you, only then will I be able to walk and work with you. Lord I really want to learn the unforced rhythms of grace. Teach me.

We all come to a burn out stage. You may be burned out in your profession or perhaps a relationship. Regardless of where or when you experience burnout, it is essential that you have a place to come back Home to yourself. A place where the atmosphere nourishes every part of you and allows you to rest.

Does your Home meet that criteria? What can you do to create a home that does? Only you know what soothes you in a way that allows you to put down your armor and rest. Whatever it is - a hot bath, books, nature, meditation, prayer - whatever it is, give yourself the gift of a Home that invites you to rest.

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