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Sacred Home

What could be more sacred than your healing space. The space where life greets the world every morning and reconciles with the world every night. Where the purest form of love is shown and the most authentic sides of humanity seen.

I have an alter that holds the secrets of my heart, the worries of my mind, the burdens of my shoulders, the tears of my sorrows, the insecurities of my beliefs, the lack of my faith, the joy of my laughter, the peace of my soul, the conversations silenced in fear, the petitions of my hope, the prayers of my compassion and the silence in which I find clarity. It's a place where I stand naked without

masks. This alter is kept in a temple I call Home.

My Home is sacred.

Do you have a place in your home where you breath in deeply and exhale slowly? What can you do today to create a space in your home that holds your heart and soothes your soul when needed? It doesn't have to be a large space it just needs to be claimed as your sacred space. Where intentions are set as reminders that call you home to your soul, your spirit, the purest part of your being. A place of rest and restoration. You're worth it!

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