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Only those who doubt need faith

Faith is something that has been a part of my life for most of my life. I have attributed many wins and outcomes to those 5 letters. I have used it to wage war against what I saw as its arch enemy, fear which is rightfully a 4 letter word. And then I received a package (an aha or lesson) one day and as almost always it was unexpected. Inside was this statement:

"Only those who doubt need faith"

Now packages come in the form of experiences and I was pretty confident that I had opened my previous packages and got the lessons and the evidence to support my interpretation of the lessons too. So this hit me right in the head causing blurred vision.

The best way for me to get clarity on anything is to ask clearly defined questions. My question was:

"What must I doubt in order to hold on to my faith"

All hell broke loose with that one question. In order to have faith in myself what must I first doubt about myself? In order to have faith in another what must I first doubt about others? In order to have faith in God what must I first doubt about God? And where did those doubts originate? Did I create them, were they inherited through conditioning and if so who benefits from me holding onto the doubt in order to adopt the faith?

I tested the doubts that were revealed and there were very few that survived under focused attention. With them left the faith that they fueled. Who knew that doubt could be so valuable to growth and expansion. And I definitely didn't know that in order to have it I had to place in on top of what was always there since I was created with all parts in tact on no extra room. So as the doubts vanished all of the certainty from the inner knowing came bursting forth. Certainty in my wholeness and the wholeness of others and the inability of the creation to ever be disconnected from the Creator.

So now I practice my faith intelligently. I own it. I acknowledge my unwillingness to let go of the doubt in that moment that fuels my faith. I don't judge it because it's part of the journey and it's what connects us in empathy. But with greater awareness and ownership I choose what I hold on to and what I release with no need to create an outer enemy or savior to attribute it to. I've learned to work with my Self and not against my Self.

What doubt are you holding on to in order to hold tightly to your faith? Does it call you to turn into your Self literally and figuratively or does it cause you to create something outside or beside your Self.

Right now the world is crying out for those who turn into their Self becoming so authentic and aligned that they actually disappear and become mirrors so the world is able to behold their Selves.

Your sister friend,


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