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The womb called home

I think back to how I raised my four kids and the home that I provided for them. I think that I am a great mom now but now, I wouldn't describe myself as a great mom when they were kids. What if I would have been aware of just how important being "Naked at Home" was then? I can't take back the past, but I can fight for the future.

Now I parent my adult children as they parent their children. My words to them now goes something like this:

The most loving thing you can do for your kids and yourself is to be You - Naked at Home so that they will be At Home Naked - being Themselves.

The opportunity to really see you and really hear you instead of your fears, anger, hurts and disappointments allows them to experience acceptance and love for themselves in their imperfection.

Let them experience home as a place to be perfectly imperfect while exploring what perfect is for them. They'll be able to quickly identify the opportunities and relationships that fits their unique perfect when they are adults.

This way they won't ever lose track of who they are in any environment.

Home is the womb that allows adults to grow until they are equipped to survive outside in the world. Can you imagine if we used the same process on babies in the womb as we do on kids in the home. We trust in the intelligence that's within the very cells of the baby to form it just right. We trust that when it is held to the mother's breast it will suckle instinctively. And somewhere along the way we stop trusting what's in them and teach our children to stop trusting too. And then they grow up to be like us.

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