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Naked at home

My story of home being my healing space after losing my hair enabling me to take my wig off and allow the world to see me as I am resonated with many if not all of you.

Today there was a mass shooting at a church in Texas. This is added to a list that is getting longer faster. The places we look to outside of the home for refuge and worship are now experiencing the tragic effects of those who hurt within hurting others as their sick remedy.

Your response to my first note was a validation that the desire to truly be seen, heard and accepted is a human condition. It validated the importance of everyone having a place called Home where they can stand naked and unashamed while working out their own salvation. If not at Home, then where? In the streets, work place, or church? And how? Will it be with violence, hateful acts, angry words, fearful behaviors, harmful beliefs?

I've helped many people buy or sell their homes. The more I witnessed how the home environment affected how those I served show up in the world, the more I felt the yearning to talk about Home. Not houses - we have enough of those. But do we have enough Homes where souls are nurtured in a way that do no harm. Where children become adults who's only care is to be all that their heart calls them too rather than shrinking into the darkness of all that has been done to them. Where adults feel safe enough to expose and release their pain, fear, and ill-gotten beliefs so that they can revive the heart beneath.

The "real" in real estate is what is going to effect change in our personal worlds and the world at large. It's this "real" that allows me to bring the best of myself to my work places and community. To show up without wigs, masks, voice-overs and representatives.

Home is where we greet the world every morning and reconcile with the world every night. Where the purest form of love is shown and the most authentic sides of our humanity are seen.

How have you intentionally created an atmosphere in your home where you and those living in your home can strip naked? We all need it. Whether it's to wash away harmful words, grieve loses, celebrate victories, adjust goals, reconnect to our source or find clarity in the silence - we all need it.

Practice keeping Home as your "naked" space. Soon your home will represent the "naked" zone, not only for you but for those who enter your space. There's nothing like visiting home that makes you feel like your welcomed to get "naked". It's says "I see you, I hear you, and I accept you" and that to many sound like the healing words "I love you".

I always love hearing from you. Thank you for referring others to me for real estate services. I'm especially working to build the property management and listing side of my business and appreciate your help.

Get naked as much as possible, Stay naked as long as possible, Only wear clothes that fit you well!

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