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My beautiful black man

To you, my beautiful black man, I give my love.

The other face of it. The face that I can share with only one representing all.

You the one who receives what my tongue is not swift or apt enough to utter.

Receiving my heart, as you lay upon my breast, that aches for you to rest with a rest so deep that the cares of this world will not tire you.

You who receive the smothering embrace of my arms that scream that you are wanted, desired and desirable no matter what you experience.

Receiving my hope for you to know that there is not a fuck-up, failure or disappointment that would cause my face to turn from yours in every kiss I plant on your face.

You who receive the invitation to enter my inner parts, dark and hidden and filled with fire fueled by my prayers that you will always heal from every hurt living in this world requires you to experience. With you I am able to express that which weakens others and you are able to utilize it as strength. With you I am able to freely share my medicine, my elixir my unique balm and I thank you.

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