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Message from a mother

The Mother in me, every single one who held me in their womb and passed me through their loins until I came forth reverences the Mothers in you. And as I wake with them this morning, this Mother's Day, they and I am stirred with burning love for our children.

We don't often tell others how to reverence us as Mothers and there is no better time or season as NOW to do so. I'll start with what reverence looks like to me and I invite all women to add to the list.

Justice for my children who have been gunned down in the streets, incarcerated without due process and excessive sentencing.

Safety for my children who have been taught that love conquers hate as they fall down with their hands up.

Economic reparations for my children who's water is filled with lead, food void of nutrition, breathing polluted air for which they cannot afford the health care necessary to deal with the affects.

Education reform for my children who dream of becoming themselves and deliver the gifts they came to bring but taught to fall in line.

Reverence for me looks like reverence for my children and that is a Happy Mother's Day.

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