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Let your heart flex your hips

I laugh a little when I scroll past memes and quotes posted by women in particular to support why they kneel, why the stand, what or who they kneel to, what or who they stand for.

Last year an unexpected package (aha or lesson) arrived while I sat considering posting a beautiful quote from a historical figure I admire. You know how we do - since it wasn't wrapped in chaos or sadness I sat with it. In it was a question:

"Has there been a higher thought since this thought was expressed?"

I can't remember posting a quote from anyone to express my own beliefs or agreements since that day. Not because MLK's quote wasn't still relevant or that I haven't come across really good ones but because the question was mine. Have I had a higher thought based on my experience of myself and others. Do I have anything to add to the conversation that could give some insight into the human experience or do I look for the words of others to attach my name to.

Women have an unique position in the world. We birth and or influence the great and the small the wicked and the just the loving and the hateful. After doing so we hide as if we have nothing to do with the parts we don't like or that brings us shame. We choose sides as if we weren't players on both teams. We have a way about us that can be the "more than a conqueror" and the "weaker vessel" all at the same time, at least that's what we choose to believe.

What are you adding to the conversation? Are you attaching your name to the thoughts of others or those that have been handed to you through conditioning?

Women have a bravery about them. They will fight to the death to protect a child. We are lead to believe that it is brought about because of the mother - child bond. But I know that it's because our nature is to be preserve life in every way to include our own. We left parts of our nature here and there for safe keeping. At this point the why we left them doesn't matter as much as the need for us to pick those parts back up again. It's easier than it sounds because you didn't leave them in some far away place. You just buried them in the dark places of yourself.

Being willing to not only go into the dark closet and corners to retrieve what makes us the connectors of all humanity is not enough. It must be combined with the willingness to share, what you once felt a need to protect, with the world.

What I retrieved has straightened my spine and strengthened my ankles. I don't kneel or stand at the whim of any ideal, belief or fantasy. My heart pulls me to my knees so that my ear is to the mouth of a child who wishes to speak. My heart flexes my hips so that I can hug a soul who lies in the bed ill. My heart erects my spine so that I can support the weight of a friend who falls into my arms. What I retrieved does not allow me to use any excuse, whether it be God, holy writings, constitutions or flags, to use my body, thoughts or my voice for anything other than what my heart speaks.

Once you open your package, retrieve your Self and add something unique to the conversation.

With love from your sister friend,


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