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Is Love Neutral?

What does love look like?

What does love feel like?

What does it sound like?

How does it treat me?

Or is it completely neutral. Does it have an opinion one way or another about who I'm with or how they interact with me. Does love care how I feel about the actions or inaction of others with me.

Is Love neutral?

Is love neutral? From which side does it look and judge. Based off of who's perception of who's experience. Is love neutral. Does Love engage in the affairs of man. Does love engage in the behaviors of man.

Love is. Love is neutral and unattached. Love just is.

Now what do you do with all of the things that hurt you, all of the disappointments, betrayals, abandonment and despair if you couldn't attached love or the betrayal of love to them? What would you be left with accept Love free from the attachment to the behavior of others.

You would be left with the freedom to love again and again for as long as you so


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