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I don't need your permission to call it trauma

Whether you are on your 1st prince/ss or 10th - that romantic feeling, the new carriage, the castle on the hill, the new net worth can lead you to believe you've made it to the "and they lived happily ever after".

You're unique….but you ain't special. We all have to start from the beginning of the story.

If you dare to love through relationship you will be baptized by relationshit. Girl it's not you - it's the human condition and the worst thing you can do is form the habit of taking it personal and that's what happens when you feel isolated and alone in your struggle.

I've discovered one of the hardest statements for a woman to own:

The need for me to express, acknowledge and heal my disappointments, traumas and experiences is not contingent on how they compare to yours or your judgement of if they qualify as disappointments, traumas and experiences worthy to be expressed, acknowledged or healed. (eye roll and neck movement necessary)

And I'm not even talking about owning it enough to say it to others. I'm talking about owning it enough to say it to yourself when you decide that you'll just suck it up, get over it, bet it be the last time or let it slide.

Our true Self is

buried under a million traumas to our thoughts, emotions, bodies, trust, beliefs etc. that we wait for someone else to deem as worthy of acknowledgment.

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