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How Decor is linked to your happiness

What is this relationship we have with our decor that causes a great number of us to constantly add to, change or rearrange every single inch of our home?

The answer is: Our pursuit of happiness

Wait! Don’t stop reading yet. Let me explain. It will make sense - trust me.

The most basic human desire, dare I say need, is to be truly known and loved & to truly know and love. Everything we do is toward that end to include how we choose our decor.

Yes, I am saying that table you chose is an offer to be known and loved.

That may seem like a simple statement but it is packed with the power to transform the way you live and love. Happiness often eludes us or pass too quickly. Not because we don’t have the capacity for it but because we don't know what it looks like in all of its different forms, to include decor.

Happiness- defined here as "to be known and loved and to know and love" is the goal and your decor can help you get there. It just takes a simple shift in the way you think about everything you put in your home.

Relationship - think of your decor in terms of happiness because that's what it is. It's your opportunity to outwardly paint a picture of what moves your soul, what inspires you, what grounds you and what sparks gratitude in you. In other words it offers all who see an opportunity to know more about you.

Clarity - when choosing what you bring into your home do it with clear intention. What does it say to you about you and what does it speak to others on your behalf? For example: I have items placed throughout my home that are hand crafted. When I look at them I think about the creativity, time, skill and love that the maker poured into it. In one look I hope that it speaks to others how valuable their creativity, time, skill and love are to me and to the world.

Intention - commit to make every effort to pursue self-knowledge, to mature in your relationship with your Self and others. As you gain a clearer vision of your Self make sure you make necessary adjustments to your decor.

Making sure that your decor is a true picture of what you know your Self to be in real time increases the ability of others to truly know you. To do otherwise often leads to misunderstandings and confusion. Although this topic of discussion is around decor these tips can be used in any area with a little tweaking of words.

Allowing yourself to be truly know is one of the most vulnerable positions to be in - but isn't Love worth it?

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