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Grateful Love

I am grateful for the gift of feeling. The gift of feeling known and loved. The gift of hearing kindness, admiration, desire and love. The gift of feeling wanted, desired and hoped for. The feeling of being envisioned and dreamt of. The feeling of being infused into music, played and sung. The feeling of being whispered in a prayer and a plea. The feeling of being touched without hands and held without arms. The feeling of being loved deeply with such intensity.

I am grateful to be seen and heard through love and desire. I am grateful to experience being wanted beyond this realm in this realm. To hear my name spoken with such tenderness, whispered with such sacredness. I love how it feels to be loved, to be in love, to love with heart, body and soul.

I enjoy being kissed passionately and intentionally. I enjoy being made love to with appreciation of affection, being touched with awe and curiosity. I enjoy being received with thanksgiving and gratitude. I love being enjoyed, cherished and savored.

I am grateful to evoke pleasure, to be found and to find myself in another. I am grateful to recognize myself, to see myself with more clarity, to hear my heart speak, to feel my passion stir. I am grateful to be alive today.

I am grateful for every experience, every encounter, every connection. I am in love, of love, am love. I relish and cherish every moment of it. I am grateful for every opportunity to love, to embrace and to be embraced. I am grateful for the freedom that love brings, for the power of love that transforms me every moment.

I am grateful...I love.

It is the right of EVERY woman to experience the gratitude of loving

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