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Going back African - American

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I choose what I think to be the best course for me whether it be religion, a relationship, career path or outfit choice. I then learn of and condition myself to believe everything about it that serves my purpose for choosing it in the first place.

I've witnessed a lot of shifting in beliefs over the years to include my own. I have particularly noticed many African Americans turning back towards African Spiritual Systems.

There is nothing more powerful than turning back towards yourself and identifying with your reflection. Only you know what you really look like, the rest of us see only what you allow us to.

As an African American I have spoken negatively about the lack of unity among my community.

I only recognized how much I had conditioned myself through assimilation to disrespect and resent the African American experience when my white friends embraced me as "no different from themselves" and started making ignorant statements with great confidence in their mis-educated white but I'm not racist perspective on what the problem with the African American community is and how to solve it.

I encourage every black person to reconnect to yourself first then envision how you can play a part in reconnecting humanity.

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