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Enjoy Where You Are

Listen to what you speak - to what your heart speaks and respond with action.

Love yourself well and care for your Soul. Lean into relationships. Reconnect and flow. Enjoy where you are, who you are with, those you are blessed to be with.

Appreciate the small and large alike. Judge them as equal. Appreciate the light and dark alike. Know who you are and who you are not. Don't hold to either too tightly.

Hold on to love by opening your hands, arms, mouth, eyes, heart. Love intentionally, intensely so that you feel its imprint upon your psyche, soul and heart.

Smile, laugh, giggle, blush and enjoy the feel and sound of it. Feel the warmth of it, the freedom of it, the release in it. Take joy in all things.

Choose wisely with heart and head. Live. Live well. Live on purpose. Live with purpose. Love deeply, passionately, wildly.

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