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Closure is Sacred

Closure is sacred. Endings require ritual. Saying goodbye is as important to the process as hello. Anything in my life that is wrapping up, getting reinvented, recycled, or renewed gets my blessing.

Chani Nicholas

Chani eloquently state a truth that I encourage my clients to embrace during times of change. Yet this is a truth that I constantly have to remind myself of whenever the slightest hint of change unwanted whisper my name.

In relationships things change in every moment because we are constantly changing Beings and the world is a fast pace place. Yet I find that not many women know how to renegotiate that which no longer supports or serves who they are now.

The fear of losing what is stops one from asking or allowing what needs to be in order for her to thrive. Being in survival mode becomes a state that she often describes as "stuck".

Creating a ritual based off of your personality & quirks can help you sooth the anxiety that comes with endings so that you can get to closure. Closure does not always mean walking away from a relationship it often means walking away from how you once participated in that relationship and into a new way of relating to one another.

Nevertheless, the dream attached to the old and unwanted must be acknowledged, processed and bid farewell or it will follow you and wreak havoc where it does not belong.

Learn how to create sweet goodbyes and you'll welcome more sweet hello's.

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