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A Woman's Chambers

A Woman's heart has many chambers. Many places in which she can lock away those things that plague her. Lock them away until such time that she has the space that she can claim herself.

For many women this time seems never to avail itself and the pounding inside the chamber doors continue to increase and echo throughout;

"I'll get to you, don't worry. Once I take care of the kids I'll get to you.

The church / job / college / ____ needs me now and God / everybody is watching, I'll be there in a minute.

I must figure out how to be a good enough _____, this is going to take a minute but I'll deal with you right after."

The thing's that capture the attention of a woman are many in number. Alas the day comes when a spark of light is so bright that it creates just enough space for her to consider her chambers long neglected.

She stares numbly as she realizes that all of the doors are open except one marked

Dream, Purpose, Passion

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