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Healing with Dignity

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Welcome to my website dedicated to women Healing with Dignity through the Art of Selfishness & Sacred Soultelling. This site is filled with unique perspective and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer and find your way to heal with dignity using the Art of Selfishness & Sacred Soultelling.​



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the Art of Selfishness

You must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to create and share the Art of Selfishness.


Ever since I implemented this philosophy into my coaching, I have seen my clients connect their dots quicker and easier taking action in their lives with more confidence and certainty. The road to Selfishness is one for those who desire to live in purpose on purpose. To see how the Art of Selfishness can help you in your relationships, career, spiritual life and life in general sign up for a free telephone chat. 

Work with Queen


Sacred Soultelling

How we tell our stories impact how we live our lives. Sacred Soultelling is deeper than putting a positive spin on your experiences and more powerful.

Sacred Soultelling can help you understand your experiences from the inside out so that you can release those stubborn feelings and beliefs that keep you stuck. To discover how Sacred Soultelling can help you heal and move forward in a powerful way - sign up for a free phone chat.




When enough is enough and your desire for something other than what you now experience is greater than the pain of staying where you are, the transformation journey calls you by name and your soul begs you to answer ~ YES. This is for those who want laser focused coaching directed at clearly defined goals.

Work with Queen

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Welcome to my blog filled with writings from my Soul. I hope that it inspires you, provokes you and challenges your current perspective on EVERYTHING!

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YOU & You

This is all about the Inner Game. The inner thoughts and feelings that we struggle with usually alone. Subjects that help us reconnect to our true Self. That cause us to dig deep and find our own answers.


YOU & Humanity

Social issues through a spiritual heartfelt lens. A new perspective on the conversations and debates going on around us. Change comes when we think differently.


YOU & Trauma

The subject of trauma from a fresh point of view. Subjects like "Me Too", mental abuse, spiritual abuse and anything that causes trauma to our psyche, heart or body.


YOU n this Skin

Challenges, frustrations, feelings and thoughts around racism and other issues that we face because of skin color. Real talk about how women of color and white women experience the same thing differently and how we can heal it.

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YOU & Relationshit

We discuss the Relationshit that has hurt and at times even crippled us. We don't talk relationshit just to talk shit. Noooo we are women who love hard and don't have time to be frozen by the weight of hurt because we got places to go and things to do and Relationships are a part of that.


YOU @ Home

This is all about using your home as a tool to identify the areas within you that need attention or care. Learn more about your Self, your chakra centers, healing, and using your home to create peace and support.

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